Ever since c3x Solutions was established in 2006, we aim to become an ICT service company for large and medium enterprises in the market, within the industries where ICT is of key importance for success. During its existence the c3x Solutions has established partnership with the most renowned companies working in IT industry. The company is expanding in the region and continuing to invest in employees and the level of their knowledge, training and expertise. 

Today c3x Solutions is a leading software house in Serbia in the area of financial markets application development. We have built a system for trading on world’s stock exchanges, fully integrated with stock exchanges (using FIX protocol), Central Securities Depository, banks, Bloomberg etc. Over 6 million trade orders were delivered through our system on the world’s stock exchanges so far. More than 2.5 million customers are maintained within it. Privatization of Serbian public enterprises (shares of NIS and Nikola Tesla airport) passed through our software. Our system also provides secure eTrading module, offered by brokers (white labeling) to theirs end users for real time trading.

In addition to platform for brokerage business, c3x Solutions has other specialized products for financial and other types of institutions. The most important are: Visa application processing software for UN agency IOM, FURIA audit system, system for amortization of commissions (used by banks to amortize loan related fees over entire repayment period), application for allocation of costs per cost center (used by organizations with large number of branches and organizational units, in order to distribute costs per cost centers), application for electronic banking, audit software etc.  

Following global technology trends and current situation in financial sector and industry overall, we are focused on developing solutions that require minimal initial investments and at the same time offers scalability once needs grow. C3x Solutions is pioneer in SEE region in Cloud Readyapplications’ development, allowing our customers to completely avoid purchasing of hardware and system software. We have proven this concept by implementing eTrading platform, which is currently offered by several leading brokerage houses in Serbia. Of course, in case customers want to utilize existing infrastructure or prefer centralized topology within its datacenter, our system can natively be hosted within such environment.

We value humanism. Together with local humanitarian organization we have developed portal for auctions of donated goods (people are donating goods, we organize auctions and all collected funds are transferred to humanitarian organizations).